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Position College % SAVED versus Baseline
(higher is better)
1st Forbes 7.1%
2nd Rocky 4.1%
3rd Butler 0.9%

The Winning College for this year's energy competition is FORBES COLLEGE.

Forbes saved 6,971 kWh between April 1 and 25 -- that's $1617.27 if we apply the average price per kwh in the NY/NJ area (source).

The Top Three Colleges (Forbes / Rocky / Butler) saved 11,876 kWh between them -- equivalent to $2,755.34, again just in the month of April.

How many laptops could be charged with the energy we saved? Believe it or not, we could fully charge 312,538 laptops (assuming a laptop battery contains .038 kWh -- this is the battery in a MacBook Air) or 494 Nissan Leaf Electric Cars (24 kWh per charge). At 84 miles of range per charge that's 41,496 miles of driving!

We learned a lot with this year's competition and we're looking forward to next year's!