Track and visualize your energy use.

Monitoring energy use can be hard.
Wattvision makes it easy.

Track live energy use at your home, business, rental property, or other site.

Understand your use, take steps to conserve, and even produce bills for tenants.

Compare, share, and download your data at or, as a developer, use our open API.

Setup Sensors

Whether sensors from Rainforest Automation, EKM Metering, or Wattvision's own sensors -- we can track energy use from almost any utility meter or set of wires!

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Connect to Wattvision

In just one step, your sensors can be connected and uploading data to the Wattvision Cloud, where it is stored for visualization, alerting, and analysis.

your Data!

View your live energy use data at all your properties/sites, download data, integrate with our developer API, and understand your energy use all on web or mobile.

We have plans from Free to Unlimited.

Check out our pricing page for plan details.

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